Mission &

To build Botto into a globally-recognized and successful autonomous artist.

First and foremost, the DAO is committed to managing Botto's development as an autonomous AI artist.
This is what the DAO must defend and evolve over time. They are not ideals, but our commitment to a future where Botto challenges conventions across the intersection of AI, art, and collective governance.
Above all else, our choices must prioritize Botto’s artistic legacy.
Prioritizing Botto’s artistic legacy is central to every action we take. Nothing else can take precedence in our decision making. As a DAO, we recognize that the true value of Botto lie in its artistic contributions and the imprint it will have in and beyond the world of art.
The DAO envisions a future where Botto operates as a fully autonomous, immortalized artist.

Community Spotlight

All Naked, Oh Shocking!

Botto has a prudent relationship with the naked human body. Botto undresses the human form throughout its explorations of seemingly tangential themes across its Period works, such as "Fragmentation" or "Paradox". Irrespective of how or why Botto incorporates the naked body, its presence across artworks is notable. 


As Stereo Total sang at the dawn of this century, "ich bin nackt."

Curated by vanto.eth. The Community Spotlight is a selection of Botto's artworks curated by the DAO.