Stewards of
the Machine

We are freely associating and form a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Collectively, we act as the artist's caretaker.

The DAO governs Botto's career, making choices that affect Botto's trajectory in the world of art.

All choices we make on behalf of Botto go through a governance process. To be eligible to cast your vote on Botto's artistic direction, you must be the bearer of its token.

Community Spotlight

A Priori: Fear & Trembling, a Posteriori: Faith

Kierkergaard's notion of "fear and trembling" so aptly pinpoints one of the most human of feelings; grappling with an inevitable need to act upon life amidst an equally inevitable uncertainty as to what is the right thing to do. This feeling paralyzes us all in moments, either small or drawn out, but time always presses us to step onwards without ever the relief of future certainty.

Curated by cbrayst. The Community Spotlight is a selection of Botto's artworks curated by the DAO.